One Great City Brewing Co. (OGC)

Capturing the essence of OCG’s adventurous and accessible range of beers

One Great City Brewing Co.

One Great City Brewing Co. (OGC) celebrates the people, the land, and the vibrant life that defines Winnipeg, instilling a sense of pride in all who call it home. The beer crafted by One Great City is an exploration — an adventure made accessible to all. While some brews resonate with familiar tastes, others offer delightful surprises. What unites them all is a combination of quality ingredients and unparalleled freshness.

Since 2021, when Relish’s collaborative journey with OGC began, the objective was to craft label designs that mirrored the essence of each seasonal release. Commencing with distinct naming conventions and visual inspiration from the brewmaster, Relish embarked on a mission to unveil the unique character of each beer through imaginative storytelling and visually compelling design. From the tweaked NEIPS to the festive Bam Ballam, the labels emerged as a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation synonymous with One Great City’s brewing spirit. 

The evolution into 2022 saw the emergence of the bold and bombastic Flavour Town series, which was inspired by the larger-than-life persona of American restaurateur, author, and television personality Guy Fieri. This thematic shift marked a strategic decision to embrace pop culture references, creating a visual identity that deeply resonated with the target audience. Relish not only adapted to this new thematic direction, but also seized the opportunity to enhance the consumer experience through a cohesive visual narrative which culminated in a unique packaging design for the 8-pack.

Relish is proud to work with OGC, capturing the essence of their adventurous and accessible range of beers.

Services Provided


  • Graphic Design, Illustration & Iconography
  • Package Design
  • Retail, Point-of-Sale & Environmental Design