Florists Supply

Consistency in processes means consistency for the customer


Florists Supply, a Winnipeg owned and operated establishment, has been growing steadily since 1935.

They purchase fresh flowers from farms around the world and keep high-quality standards.

But in recent years the industry was undergoing major changes. Florists Supply felt they needed a fresh approach to keep up with the competition, and reconsider how they interacted and communicated with customers.

The Opportunity

Florists Supply approached Relish about rebranding; to stand out more from their competitors, and boost employee-customer engagement.

Relish first looked at the connectivity with customers; the quality of both product and service.

Florist Supply loved what they did and cared about things like ethical sourcing. Relish concluded Florist Supply could stand out by using neuroscience, examining how people buy on emotion and rationalize with logic. Relish recommended both emotion and logic-based messaging, considering notions of care and convenience.

This translates into engaging methods such as a personalized note card in packages from staff, or a playful welcome note for new customers.

Rebranding internally meant reminding Florist Supply employees of the company’s vision, purpose and values — inspiring them to be a positive force!

“Being there – no matter how they reach out to you.” Consistency in processes means consistency for the customer.

Branding components completed by Relish included logo, tote bags, website redevelopment, stationery, exterior signage, social media skins, delivery van, and delivery boxes.

Services Provided


  • Marketing & Communications Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content & Asset Management Planning
  • Retail and Environmental Concept & Logistics
  • Wireframing & UX Design


  • Brand & Identity Development
  • Graphic Design, Illustration & Iconography
  • Style Guides & Toolkits
  • Website Development
  • Package Design
  • Wordpress/Custom Theme Development