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Climate Action Grant

Are you a Canada-based organization looking to make a positive change in the community through climate action initiatives?

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You may be eligible for Relish’s Change in the Making Climate Action Grant. This is our national grant to support climate action projects.

We recognize solutions to climate change are often complicated, and defining and reaching audiences can be a challenge. Because your good work affects all of us, we at Relish want to help you make change — with engaging design and marketing solutions, and help with prototyping and improving web interactivity.

We help organizations by covering a minimum $10,000 in labour costs to help them elevate their brand, communications and technology.

Applications Closed

Who Can Apply

Canada-based (owned/operating):

  • For-profit businesses
  • Non-profit organizations or registered charities
  • Co-operatives and social enterprises
  • First Nations communities

We Do Not
Provide Grants To

  • Ongoing programs
  • Political parties and affiliated activities
  • Religious activities
  • Organizations with a head office outside of Canada
  • Competitive sports organizations
  • Current or former clients of Relish


  • Must have a demonstrated need
  • Have a project, initiative or business focused on climate action (ie. cleantech, circular economy, climate-smart agriculture and landscapes etc.)
  • Can demonstrate long-term sustainability
  • Be able to illustrate impact
  • Have resources to pay for hard costs that may be required
  • Have missions and values consistent with ours here at Relish

Material Costs

Relish will provide design and development services (e.g. marketing and communications strategies, copywriting, visual identity development, prototyping, websites, software or app development, video editing or production, collateral such as brochures, posters and pamphlets, presentation decks and environmental design.

The selected organization(s) will be responsible for any and all hard costs associated with materials and production (e.g. printing, paper, production costs, web hosting, shipping, etc.).



JANUARY 15 TO APRIL 30, 2024

If you meet the service grant criteria, proceed to the top of the page to apply. All applications will remain confidential.

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MAY 1-31, 2024

Applications will be reviewed by our panel. Finalists will be notified for an in-person interview by the end of May.

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Interviews & Selection

JUNE 1–15, 2024

Applicants will be interviewed to determine the best fit for Relish’s Climate Action Grant.

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JUNE 17, 2024

The chosen organization(s) will be contacted once the decision is made.

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JULY 1, 2024

The selected organization(s) will be invited to meet the Relish team and solidify a strategy for the upcoming year – developing a game-plan that works for everyone.

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grant year

Grant Year


Who we are.

Relish is a result-driven, employee-owned agency based in Winnipeg and Calgary. We were founded as one-person studio in 1998 on the principles of creativity, innovation and impact. Two decades later, we have evolved into a firm of over 20 thinkers, creatives, makers, developers, educators and entrepreneurs.

We provide our clients with strategic, creative and immersive brand experiences through virtually any platform.

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Why are we doing this?

Relish has had a longstanding desire to give back to our local community. It’s what led us to become a B Corporation and is the driving force behind everything we do.

The idea for Relish’s service grants were born out of this mind frame of giving back in hopes that we could contribute in a more meaningful way. It is our hope to build relationships and create opportunities, both internally and externally.

Applications Close

April 30, 2024

Relish New Brand Experience Inc. reserves the right to disperse the service grant in whole or part, as it deems beneficial. Should no applications meet the criteria, the award will be reserved and reissued for applications at a later date.

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We build results by building relationships.

We are looking for partnerships with companies who desire more meaningful relationships with their brand. Our clients come to us for our creativity, our vision and our values. We maintain relationships as a result of the outcomes of our collaboration.

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