Greenbelt Farmers’ Market

A unified voice for an ever-growing network


The Greenbelt Farmers’ Market Network (GbFMN) supports and connects markets, farmers and shoppers around Ontario’s Greenbelt.

GbFMN is a project funded by the Greenbelt Foundation and hosted by Foodshare Toronto, which aims to increase the success of farmers’ markets in the region. GbFMN develops research reports, creates a space to share information, provides professional development opportunities for market organizers, allocates small grants to markets and farmers and promotes Greenbelt area markets. The organization works with a growing network of nearly 123 diverse farmers’ markets, contributing to vibrant communities in and around the Greenbelt.

Survey research by Informa/IPSOS in 2018 (Food Shopping in the Golden Horseshoe, 2018; Héléne St Jacques) revealed that there is a marked increase in consumer participation and patronage of farmers’ markets in the Greenbelt as well as increased public visibility. Farmer’s markets have been visited by 30 percent of consumers in the last year, putting them fourth place behind major grocery stores, general merchandise and drug stores. Of those consumers, 14 percent shop at farmers’ markets frequently and see farmers’ markets as providing higher quality, fresher food, being better for the local economy and environment and providing a better shopping experience.

The Opportunity

The GbFMN was ideally situated to leverage its strong positioning to build awareness and capacity further. Relish distilled the results into an effective strategy and marketing campaign. The goal was to increase competitiveness and market share of Network farmers’ markets by increasing the number, frequency and dollars spent by shoppers.

Services Provided


  • Marketing & Communications Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy & Deployment Planning
  • Concept Development through Rapid Ideation
  • Content & Asset Management Planning


  • Campaign Development
  • Graphic Design, Illustration & Iconography
  • Copywriting
  • Merchandise & Uniform Design
  • Retail, Point-of-Sale & Environmental Design


  • Content Creation, Curation & Implementation
  • Advertising